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Adi Goldman
CEO & Co-founder

Biotic's biodegradable
PHBV polymers do
everything plastic can,
but it's toxin free 

What's wrong with Plastics?

Harmful chemicals are released from everything containing plastic.

Plastic is not just polluting the environment, it is polluting our bodies, with toxic
forever chemicals found in human tissue, and breast milk, amongst others.

BPA was banned in 2012 from baby bottles and sippy cups, after a wide range of manufacturers already stopped using this due to rising concern in its properties as an endocrine disruptor.
Unfortunately, BPA’s cousin, BPS/BFAS, is just as harmful, possibly worse.

BPA/BPS/BFAS chemicals, mentioned above, disrupt our hormonal system which affects our sleep and behavior, and harms our health in many ways:


The depth of understanding plastic toxicity may be overwhelming, leading us to overlook it’s harmful impact within our bodies. This is not your fault, it’s intentionally confusing. Plastic is a material that fits a wide range of applications, used in everyday items, and more importantly - large scale industrial machine lines were designed and created for plastics, thus avoiding the use of it today requires work, capital and habit changing.

We're in Dubai,
let's meet!

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