Global Crisis

The plastic crisis and its harmful effects on every aspect of the planet, are widely known. 

Less than 10% of the plastic is recycled, the rest ends up in the garbage, incinerated or finds its way to our natural resources.

This situation heavily affects the entire planet’s environmental systems:

Plastics do not degrade for hundreds of years and release harmful microplastics during the process


The ‘Great Pacific garbage Patch’ is FOUR times the size of Germany. Our oceans already have 5 huge ‘plastic’ garbage islands

Animals, both on land and in the ocean are heavily affected, this hazard is killing and destroying the marine life environment

Researchers have reported rainwater containing plastic particles, which is absorbed in the land, affecting our agriculture and health, in multiple continents. 

Increased consumer awareness led to a spike in demand for sustainable, cost effective alternatives, countries, cities & governments world-wide are enforcing new legislations and regulations banning disposable and single-use plastics. 

Within a couple of years, almost every country around the globe will enforce regulations restricting plastic uses and handling.