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Biotic's Solution

A fully biological, environmentally friendly, continuous production processes, contributing towards improving greenhouse gases emission, reducing energy costs, rehabilitating marine life and no use of treated water are amongst our strongest features.


Sustainable, Scalable, Seamless 

We are developing technologies target to provide a holistic solution that can successfully fulfill global plastic demands, in a cost-effective manner, seamlessly adapting to production machinery and providing the end user with an agnostic product, that has not been introduced until now.

Our unique biological polymer, an optimal plastic alternative, is produced from a ubiquitous and naturally grown sea algae.

Reuse, Repurpose, Reinvent

Our Mission

Replacing all fossil-fuel-plastics with a scalable, end to end, fully biological, environmentally friendly process, contributing towards reducing greenhouse gases emission, reduces energy costs and rehabilitates marine life with a circular economy approach.

Selling a variety of commodities and sub-licensing our technologies across the globe, fulfilling global plastic demands, ensuring an agnostic and seamless transition to environmental friendly alternatives

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